CSAs rule and so does canning

Since we aren’t growing anything yet on the farm, we signed up for a CSA with Appalachia Star Farm.  This is our third year subscribing to a CSA (community supported agriculture) and I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone looking to eat more locally, seasonally and healthily. The basic idea is that you sign up with a farm at the beginning of Spring for a share of whatever they produce for the growing season.  Once the season “starts” you pick up your fruits and veggies weekly.  I love it because it forces me to cook and eat vegetables I never buy on my own but that I absolutely adore; kale, lima beans, fennel, collard greens, sprite melons, etc.  It also seriously cuts down on the Whole Foods trips (and expense).

This summer, I’m taking the opportunity to try putting up some of the share for the winter (last year, most of it became baby food so there wasn’t much to spare).  The eggplants were starting to pile up, so I sautéed them with some onions and garlic and stirred in some diced tomatoes, resulting in a not too shabby sauce I’ll be tucking into sometime in the dead of winter.

Tonight’s zucchini bread wasn’t quite as photogenic, but it used up the final items from last week’s share just in time for this week’s pick up.  Next week I’ll have to attempt bread and butter pickles, as there is no way I’m getting through all these cucumbers.

If you live in Virginia, check out the Eat Fresh Buy Local guide for a list of all the CSAs in your area.


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