Summer entertaining, local style

The best part about the summer is that it’s SO easy to eat local, there’s really no excuse to consume California (or Chile) grown veggies.  Here are some recent adventures in local food:

Pimento cheese and Caramont chevre.  And no, the grapes aren’t local so I fail on that one.

Followed by a salad of heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, basil (all from our CSA with Appalachia Star) and feta from Caramont (sure it’s a repeat farm, but they are located right here in Esmont, and I swear this feta is fantastic, holding its own to most feta you can buy at a specialty store).

And you just can’t beat fried chicken in the summer, especially when the chicken is from Timbercreek Organics.

Lastly, we have zucchini muffins (zucchini, yogurt and butter from our CSA, flour from Wade’s Mill, and eggs from whichever local farmer supplies the Market Street Market).

Hurray for summer.


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