The nightly routine

If I’m the one on farm chores for the evening, they don’t start until Alston goes to bed, but normally Will heads out to tend to the poultry as I head upstairs for bath time (with Alston asking “bub bath?  bub bath?” the whole way).  Regardless, here’s basically what it looks like.

Grab the compost bucket from the kitchen and head down to the old chicken coop.  Dump out the compost on the pile en route.  Fill the two feeders (we keep the feed in a metal trash can in the enclosure, as we buy it in 50 lb. bags), and collect all the water-ers.  Dump out the remaining dirty water (Will is so good he uses the left overs to water the fig tree we just planted… I just “water” the grass).  Rinse out the two small water-ers ( 1 and 2 Gallon metal inverted jug) and fill them with the hose water in the bucket from the night before.  Place them back in the enclosure, so as not to leave the ducks water-less while the 5 gallon plastic water-ers get cleaned.

Place both the 5 gallon-ers and the empty bucket in the wheel barrow and head up to the house toward the hose.  Clean them out, and fill them and the bucket.  Load everything back into the wheelbarrow and trudge back to the enclosure.  Place one of the water-ers inside, and leave the other outside (so all we have to do in the morning is place it inside, instead of messing with all the schlepping and cleaning while trying to get to work on time).  Leave the bucket and the wheel barrow by the enclosure, so everything is set for the next night.

Head back to the shed and change the water for the keats and ducklings, cleaning everything off in the utility sink in the basement.  Top up their food and watch their cuteness for a moment as you try to ignore just how sweaty you are after water-boy duties in 98% humidity (gotta love the mid atlantic).  Go inside and shower and try to muster the energy to eat dinner.

Total time: 45 minutes.


One response to “The nightly routine

  1. Congrats on the homestead. It looks picture perfect and I absolutely loved reading about your adventures…totally hysterical, but in a good way :). Happy to hear its all working out so well – you must be exhausted, but very rewarded.

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