In which I admit to being afraid of the country

Here I am, sitting in the office blogging away, when I notice an enormous spider spinning a web outside the window.  I need to admit that I am overwhelmingly afraid of spiders… as in stand on a chair and scream and point until Will disposes of them scared.  So far I’ve been quite proud of myself since the move, not abandoning my yard work when coming across a wolf spider, and largely ignoring the cobwebs that appear most mornings between my car and an azalea bush.  But this guy out the window right now is huge.

So I shout “hey Will, check out the size of this spider” to beckon him in from the living room.  And his response?  “You know, it’s going to get really spider-y here over the next month or so.”


He then follows up that doozy with “The guy who was cleaning out the bushes for the neighbor by the property line said he saw a baby copperhead today.”

I’ve decided against checking the mailbox tonight.  I have too much to do… inside.


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