I broke a duck

This morning, Will was showing our cleaning lady (yes, I’m such a frontier-poser that I have a cleaning lady, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than marriage counseling) our keats and ducklings, when he noticed that one duckling had a horribly swollen foot.  Turns out, I failed to remove the band from this guy when he arrived two weeks ago, unlike his  siblings.  The poor thing!  It looks like his foot was blown up like a balloon.  Will managed to remove the band, and we bandaged the resulting cut with some Neosporin, gauze and tape, but I’m convinced there is no way this leg is going to heal.  I broke a duckling.  A poor little duckling, who was already a replacement for another duck that got eaten by a fox.  The chickens were a blow, but only indirectly our fault.  I flat out neglected to help this little quack and now he may not make it.  I feel absolutely terrible.
It has not been a good week here on the farm.  Not at all.


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