“Shoot the dog”

Today we called the local extension to report the chicken massacre, and they told us to call the local police, who told us to shoot the dog if we see him going after the coop again.  Yup, The Law just suggested I commit murder (pet-tricide?) by successfully discharging a firearm in the direction of an animal that I do not own.

Oh no.  That’s so not going to happen.

The good (good?) news is that we were also told that a dog with the same description as the one we saw the morning after, sniffing around the coop, was recently picked up by animal control, so *hopefully* this is a non-issue (what with the arrival of the electric fencing and all).

I am definitely not “country” yet.


One response to ““Shoot the dog”

  1. Seriously? Shoot it? That’s legal? Remember when the car dealer guy shot the cat? That went over like a lead balloon…maybe the country is different. I’m glad you’re not “country” yet.

    (A friend of mine lives north up 20 about 3 miles from Pantops. She has a pasture with some sheep and llamas in it, and she says they’ve been being harassed by a pack of dogs. I have trouble conceiving of my pet acting that way. Which is why “shoot it” seems like overkill to me. But I’m also not trying to protect my animals…)

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