Ducks, meet Pond

After a week in their new yard by the pond, the ducks still hadn’t ventured up the ramp and into their lovely new house.  So Friday night, we forced it upon them.  We shut the front doors, opened the roof hatch and placed each panicked waterfowl inside with ample food and water for the night.  The catching part was moderately traumatic, but once inside they settled into the hay for the night.

The next morning, we opened one door and hoped they would use the ramp to get down.  No such luck.  While, at least, they didn’t come tearing out the moment we opened up the house, they all jumped out within 10 minutes, never to return again.

Originally, the plan was to keep them fenced off from the pond until the quacks learned to use their home, but we gave up today.  Hilariously, once the fencing was removed these ducks had no idea what to do, and all 9 have continued to lounge about in their yard so far.  We’ll see what the heck they do tonight.

Our new plan (there’s always a plan), is to move the 3 new ducklings directly into the duck house once they are big enough to leave the shed and heat lamps (another week or two).  After a week holed up in their new home, we’ll open up the doors and see if they know to return to the house.  And then, if we are lucky (which, for the record, we are not), the older ducks will learn from the youngsters and all will happily bed down indoors every night.  And read bedtime stories to each other (what?  that’s no more unreasonable than my assumption that the duck house project wasn’t all for not).

I miss the chickens.


One response to “Ducks, meet Pond

  1. I love your blog!! I have 10 chickens now after 5 months I realize 7 of them are roosters!!! I will continue to learn from your adventures, thanks for sharing

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