Guinea and Duckling Update

Let’s start with the quacklings.  Righty’s leg has completely healed and we’ve taken off his (her?) bandage.  The runt is still very small compared to her siblings, but she is growing (at three weeks she’s as big as the others were at one week).  And the other one is normal and boring, which is probably ideal.

The ducklings are still shacking up with the guinea keats in the shed.

And everyone is getting along quite lovely.

As for the guineas, they are feathering up super fast compared to the chickens and ducks.  We did lose another one, unfortunately.  His (her?) breathing was quite odd, so we brought him inside, away from the others in case he was sick.  He made it through the night, but passed later this afternoon.  I’ve been told by other folks who’ve raised guineas that to only be down 2 so far is a good yield for these fragile birds, which is some consolation I suppose.

Next week, we will probably move the ducklings to the duck house and the keats to the old chicken coop.  Will spent today digging a trench around the enclosure to bury hog wire a foot deep and reinforce the entire exterior.  He then went the extra mile and filled the ditch with broken glass and dirt, to further deter any potential predators.  Shy of a bear, I’m pretty confident the birds will now be safe.


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