Meet the (replacement) chickens

32 day old chicks arrived at the post office yesterday morning.  We got 5 more than last time, as Will thought having 30 laying hens sounded like a nice, round number (plus 1 rooster and 1 mystery chick).

We stuck with largely the same breeds as the original peeps (Barred Rocks, New Hampshire Reds, Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons), but they were out of Partridge Rocks so we went for White Rocks instead, as well as added Rhode Island Reds to the mix (5 each).  The rooster is a New Hampshire Red, only because he looked like the most attractive of the lot.  And it will be a few weeks before we can nail down the mystery chick, although he or she is the only brown one (maybe a Partridge Rock after all?).

So far so good.  The peeps really are cutest that first week, before they get all leggy and their feathers start to come in.  The fluff ball stage is the most fun.  The chicks are living in the basement, while the quacklings and guineas enjoy their last week in the shed under heat lamps.  Since it’s an old house, and we have hardwood floors, we can hear the peeps peeping while sitting on the couch directly above them.  Very amusing.


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