A rough week

Over the past week 6 ducks were killed and at least 8 guineas.  The ducks appear to have been another dog attack, whereas the guineas we suspect raccoons.

Can I take a moment to complain about chicken wire?  It is entirely useless, but for the sole purpose of keeping chickens in.  Dogs can simply push through it and raccoons, it turns out, can tear it like paper with their nimble little hands.  Oh yeah, and they fit through the hog wire and like to rip the wings off the guineas but not actually eat them.  Nature is cruel.

So now the old chicken coop is reinforced with both hog wire on the outside (for the dogs and fox) and rabbit wire on the inside (for everything smaller).  Plus the rail road ties to keep anything from digging.  And we’ve ordered some crazy solar-powered device that emits a blinking red light to make predators think that there is another predator nearby.

Speaking of crazy, Will has nearly lost it.  At the sound of a quack or a chirp he goes tearing downstairs to patrol the property.  He hasn’t had a full night’s sleep all weekend.  I’m beginning to grow concerned.  I expected farming to be hard, but I didn’t expect it to be so stressful.


One response to “A rough week

  1. You need a donkey! They’ll keep everyone safe.

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