Future Foraging: Persimmons

We have several persimmon trees on the property, many of which have a good quantity of fruit, just waiting for the first good frost.

What??  You want a frost before picking the fruit?  Yup.  The kind of persimmon we have here in Virginia is commonly referred to as the astringent kind, as in it sucks all the moisture out of your face and leaves you a puckery mess if you eat it before 100% ripe.  The frost helps break down the fruit and subsequently the tannins inside.

The one upside to the extreme heat we’ve had this summer is that it seems to have denatured the fruit just like a bad chill, and Will has eaten several of the dropped fruit while working in the pasture this past weekend.  Still, I’ll wait until November before I try using this fruit in any meaningful way beyond snack food.


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