Harvest soup

By the end of every season, I’m ready for the next one.  I think this is common.  It has to explain children insisting on wearing shorts in April or the universal craving for gazpacho that sets in early June, a good two months before the height of tomato season.

Right now, this is manifesting itself in the form of vegetables.  I pick through our CSA share, thrilled to see butternut squash and kale, and I find myself completely uninspired to deal with the summer squash, peppers and tomatoes still trickling in.  And that’s when I turn to soup.

The best part about making soup is that you don’t really need a recipe, and that’s coming from someone who is so anal about measuring I frequently weigh baking ingredients.  But soup!  So easy.  Last night I simply sauteed up an onion, added all the tomatoes and peppers left in the house, simmered for under a half hour and attacked the pot with an immersion blender.  Then it was time to call in the expert (Will) to consult on seasoning, and some milk and oregano later, we had dinner.

Now that we have a spare fridge/freezer in the basement, I was able to freeze a pint for us to dip into sometime in November while we’re sitting in front of the wood burning stove, wishing it was still summer.

Speaking of the wood burning stove, check out Will’s winter preparations from this weekend.

Bring it on, Jack Frost!


2 responses to “Harvest soup

  1. What kind of wood stove r u using? I really enjoy your adventures in r blog.

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