hey ducks, newsflash: you can SWIM

Will had a meeting tonight, so we didn’t round up the ducks until after 9.  And when we got to their yard, only one was there.  The other two were quacking across the pond.

I have no idea if there was another attempted attack, or if these two ducks decided to attempt swimming, lost their shit and ended up on the other side of the pond, or maybe they are just f-ing with us at this point.  Either way, we just attempted to herd ducks.  Maybe not the most successful enterprise of all time, but ultimately we managed to get everyone home safe… one Will caught, the other we chased across the pond (in that way that a duck can run-fly across a body of water) and then caught.

Hey ducks, guess what? YOU CAN SWIM.  I swear to God.  That’s sorta what you do.  So let’s try that next time, shall we?


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