I’m a duck ninja

Every night, we chase down the ducks in the their enclosure, pick them up and manually put them in their house, to make sure they don’t get eaten.  We’ve been doing this for about two weeks now, and I’m getting quite good at catching ducks.  It turns out, the trick is grabbing them by the neck.

I know, that sounds terrible.  And no, I’m not actually picking them up by the neck.  But.  If you can get your hand around a duck’s neck, it seems that it stops struggling and just lies down, making it super-easy to pick it up properly (grabbing it around the top of the torso, high enough that it can’t scratch you with its feet).  I’ve gotten so good, the herd of six can charge me and seconds later I have a duck in both hands.  The night routine now takes five minutes instead of twenty.

Still, I wish they’d just learn to use the ramp we built.  Silly ducks.


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