Preparing for pigs

We’re a few weeks away from the arrival of our sows.  There’s actually a small chance we may buy a pregnant sow in addition to our baby girls, although I’m not sure how ready we are to have piglets in late winter.  We shall see.

Regardless, the oinks are going to need a place to stay.  The plan is to have them winter over in the lower yard, which will be next year’s vegetable garden.  Then the pigs can till everything up with their rooting and fertilize it all with their, well, pooping.  Come spring, we’ll move them up to the woods where they’ll have plenty of shade all summer (and they can go to town clearing out all the underbrush for us).

The posts for the electric fencing are already in place in the lower yard (to keep the pigs in, and come harvest season, the deer out), using cedars from the woods.  Next up was building a shelter.

Again, Will and his dad tackled the job, framing out the pig house over two days.

The house is built on skids, as we’ll need to use the pickup truck to drag it to the woods when we relocate the hog operation.  The house is designed to comfortably house two sows and their piglets.

The following weekend, Will’s brother joined in to help add the roof and walls.

Pretty impressive for a retired shoe salesman, a musician and a cook.  All that’s left to do is prime it, paint it, and put some metal on the roof for extra protection, but that will have to wait until the rain lets up.


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