More permanent digs

Last week, Will moved the now 6 week old chickens to the hoop house.

This will be their permanent home, and we’ll use the electric poultry netting to day-range them on various parts of the pasture, once they are a bit bigger (i.e. less tempting for hawks).

A good friend of ours gave us the laying box house he’d built before he decided that he’d be moving his birds every week (making the wooden structure too heavy to be practical).

Our birds won’t be laying until about January (which is not exactly peak production time, given how little sunlight there us, but should have us in full egg mode by spring), so right now the girls are just exploring the structure.  During the day, several hang out underneath it.

Will and his dad built the roosting, well, I don’t know exactly what you’d call it.  In order to make something that would fit through the door, they built it with hinges at the top, and then chains on the side (think easel), so it can easily fold/unfold.  Pretty slick, or at least I think so.  The girls seem to be using it some during the day, although I don’t tend to go to that part of the yard after dark (as it is SO dark on our property – I’m still adjusting to that aspect of country life), so I can’t say if they are legitimately roosting on it or not.  Oh well, it’s there if they so choose.


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