Any day now we’ll be getting the call that the pigs are ready for pick up.  Ultimately, we decided to purchase three – two that we’ll keep for breeding purposes and one that we’ll eat come spring.  Since tamworths have an average of eight piglets in a litter, but up to twelve, I had this awful fear that we’d end up with 39 pigs on the farm at one time, which is way more than we can possibly use between our family and the restaurant.  Hence only keeping two breeding sows.

The final touches on the pig house were completed last week.

Nothing like a couple of coats of paint and a metal roof to make a structure look legitimate.  It turns out the skids even work, as Will was able to tie everything up with a thick rope and use the pickup to drag the whole building to the end of the lower yard closest to our house (read: the water hose).  So nice when things work out the way you planned!

Will and his dad also strung up the wire for the electric fencing and wired up the solar batteries. 
They managed to finish the whole project in half a day, so while I can’t comment on the complexity, it sure was faster than putting up hog wire.  We went with two chargers as the wire fencing provides absolutely no barrier if the electricity fails, and I am very much not looking forward to the first time we have to chase the pigs around and wrangle them back into their enclosure.  The thought was that the likelihood of both failing at the same time should at least be less, and that was worth the extra expense.

I fully anticipate eating those words.  So you can look forward to reading that future post.


One response to “Pig-ready

  1. Have fun with your pigs. They are such a delight to have. We have two right now. One we found on the side of the road and the other we purchased from another farmer. Mine are quite large at this point….nearing 90 lbs. They are such fun to watch and so very affectionate. Which as you can imagine is getting hard to not get attached. 😦
    Post pics when you get them. I would love to see them. What kind are you getting. I think ours are mostly Yorkshire with a little something else thrown in as they are not 100% white.

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