Out of the coop

This weekend, we let the chickens into the yard for a bit so the kids attending our farm warming party could have an animal to pet.  The ladies were a huge hit.  In another two weeks or so we’ll make this a regular part of their day, but we’re really waiting to hit that 10 week mark before we let them out in the open with only the electric fence for protection. 

Picture courtesy of a colleague’s wife, who was kind enough to share this with me.  Also, I think Alston has a crush on their daughter (they are only 1 month apart).


One response to “Out of the coop

  1. Hey Lisa! Paul sent me your blog the other day, and it’s fabulous! Thanks for letting us spend time at your Farm last weekend – we had a great time. And Ellie asked about Alston about 4 times after we left “where Alston go?” So cute! You are inspiring me to me try some canning next summer. Or not. But I’ll at least watch you do it 🙂 (Also, there’s a pic of Ellie and Alston on my blog, let me know if you’d rather me unpost it.)

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