Pet Update

Next week Will is driving down to North Carolina for the Great Pyrenees, but until she becomes the inevitable center of attention, I thought I should let you know how the other not to be eaten animals are doing as of late.

Delilah is definitely queen bee.  Watson follows her around like a lost puppy dog, until she blows him off, at which point he then chases her up a tree, like a tween boy who pushes the object of his affection in the cafeteria line – he’s just that awkward.  She is wonderfully patient with Alston, who basically wants to yank on her tail and pat her too hard on the head for her liking.  And she comes when called… do normal cats do this?

Samson is the cat equivalent of Watson – completely desperate for our affection.  He rolls around on his back whenever we enter the basement, trying to entice us into petting him.  Sorry kitty, not until you also carry antihistamines.  Every morning when we open the basement door to let the cats out, Delilah heads out in seconds, while Samson looks at us confused.  He then hides in the woods in the lower yard all day until it’s time to return to the basement… with the exception of those times when he tries to sneak in the house after us.

Watson is actually turning into quite the impressive farm dog.  When he’s not tailing Delilah, he’s standing guard on the front porch (ok, napping on the front porch).  He even managed to chase off a stray dog the other day.  When we let him out in the morning, he makes a full inspection of the farm before returning to the porch.  And he follows Will around during the morning chores.  Who knew our beagle ball o’ need just wanted a job?


2 responses to “Pet Update

  1. Normal cats do come when called. If they want to.
    Boy cats are needy. That’s just the way it is.
    Watson, like other people we know, really did just need a job.
    Good god. Could you just move back to Starrhill already?

    • Have I mentioned that you are the single biggest thing we miss/regret about moving? Not the convenience, the life without a car, the sense of being not in the middle of nowhere… nope. It’s you, and porch time, and popcorn and impromptu dinner. You could always move to Esmont…

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