Meet the geese

A good friend of ours, who also happens to be the person who found us Samson and Delilah, gave us her breeding pair of Toulouse geese.  She’s had them for six years, but she thinks they would benefit from having a pond, and she has a ton of animals on her hands right now so we were happy to offer up our farm as a foster home.

Their names are Lautrec (male) and Manet (female), and right now they are shacking up in the duck enclosure (although they stay outside at night while the ducks get locked in their house).  The geese make the ducks look like sparrows.  So far, everyone is tolerating each other, which is to say that while no fights have broken out, either the ducks eat or the geese eat, there are no communal meals as of yet.

On the first day, the  geese took a swim… our secret reason for wanting geese was so they would teach the ducks to swim.  After about a minute, they both spooked and came crashing back to the enclosure.  We now think the lock ness monster’s lesser known cousin may be residing in our pond.

My biggest concern about getting full grown geese, was that they would already be imprinted to our friend and never bond with us.  And geese aren’t exactly known to be friendly animals.  So far, I haven’t been hissed at, nor do I feel like Alston is unsafe around them, which is a huge relief.

Here’s hoping they get it on so we can have a goose for Christmas dinner 2011.


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