Starting our apple orchard

Good friends came down for the weekend to help Will dig the holes for our apple trees.  They’re headed to Argentina in January to be WWOOFers, so this was practice for them, free labor for us, and a good excuse to catch up.

After talking to the folks over at Vintage Virginia Apples, we ordered all 2 year old trees on M-111 rootstock of the following varieties:

Ashmead’s Kernel (2)
Albemarle Pippin
Arkansas Black
Black Twig
Gold Rush
Grimes Golden
Harrison (2)
Winesap (2)
Virginia (Hewes) Crab (2)
Roxbury Russet

Our main reason for wanting apples is to make cider.  The varieties we chose are mostly heirlooms, and while some will be highly astringent (like the crab apples), there are enough sweet ones to eat fresh, bake into pies and can as apple sauce and apple butter.

The trees should be ready to pick up in early December.  Yippee!


One response to “Starting our apple orchard

  1. It was lovely tearing up your pasture this weekend! Can’t wait to taste the fruits of our labor.

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