320 bushels of apples

The general rule here on the farm is that Will announces plans to take on something new, say buy sheep.  I react by ordering a handful of books from Amazon, because that’s my idea of being prepared and because I know I probably can’t talk him out of it.  Said project occurs and only afterward does Will reference the small library of farm how-to’s we now own.

Last night, Will was flipping through The Backyard Orchardist when he muttered “oh crap.”  It turns out one mature apple tree produces about 20 bushels of fruit.  And we just ordered 16.

Friends and family can now rest assured that every Christmas we’ll attempt to unload our copious amounts of cider and apple butter on you in disguise as a gift.  Pretend to be grateful.


One response to “320 bushels of apples

  1. LOL – that’s awesome. Ellie loved the cider at your Fall Party – we will be glad to take some off your hands if you have too much 😉 But I think you could bottle it and sell it – we would buy some!

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