Planting the Apple Orchard

I once heard the phrase “dig a $10 hole for a $2 tree,” which for you non-farm types pretty much translates to the bigger a hole you dig, the more likely you are to have your tree survive.  If that adage is indeed true, our apple trees will live forever.

Turns out the “root ball” of a 2 year old M-111 root stock apple tree is no bigger than a grapefruit.  And Will dug holes 5 feet in diameter.  Holes so big that when the Great Pyrenees lays down in one, you can’t see her.

So we spent last weekend shoveling back in the dirt that was so laboriously shoveled out while Alston and Scout alternated getting in the way of said dirt, laying in the hole or standing on the dirt mound.  But somehow, we managed to get them all planted.

Will even managed to stake and cage the trees during the week, as to protect them from nibbling sheep.  So now all we do is wait for fruit… three years.


One response to “Planting the Apple Orchard

  1. Oh no! So sad to hear all of those beautiful holes were a few sizes too big. Hopefully refilling them was easier than digging them!

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