Pig Update

I’ll start with a non-sequitor… now that I have a sweet camera, I’m going to post large photos, ’cause I like to show off.  And then the posts seem longer.

The pigs are doing fine.  Originally, we only thought we were getting 2, so we picked out the names Wilma and Betty.  And then we got 3, so the third is Blossom Dearie, as their original owner only met us because Will was playing a Blossom Dearie album at the restaurant and she introduced herself to compliment his taste in music.

Have you ever heard someone say “Actually, pigs are very clean animals” or something like that?  They were lying.

They step in their food while they eat, their poop smells really bad, and (at least girl pigs) pee straight back, I’m talking Volvo station wagon whose back windshield fluid nozzle is busted and it “pees” on the car behind it at a stoplight straight back.  Yes, I am aware that was a weird metaphor.  But back to the peeing.  Because it’s not like a dog where the boys aim and the girls squat, but instead it just shoots straight out, they often pee on each other accidentally.  It’s the projectile vomit of the world of urination.  I cannot emphasize how weird it looks.

And the eating?  The colloquialisms all fit.  Whatever you give them, no matter how much, they will eat until it is gone.  5 bushels of apple pressing pulp?  No problem.  Oops, was that 4 scoops of food instead of 2?  Already devoured.

However.  The pigs are by far the friendliest animals on the farm (dogs and cats not included).  Wilma likes to be pet, Betty endures pets and Blossom avoids them… guess who is most likely to become bacon before breeding season?  They squeal if you come anywhere near their pen within two hours of breakfast or dinner, and they are curious about what’s going on around them.  I don’t know that I’d go so far as call them smart, but there is distinct intelligence.  Even if they pee funny.


One response to “Pig Update

  1. How old are your piggies? My pigs are around 6 months and they do quite well in the clean department. Mine do pee standing up as well and walk in their poop but I find it interesting that they poop and pee in a certain area and never in their bed, unless scared or chased to get a shot. Never fails then they poop all over the place.
    My pigs too are very friendly.
    Not sure if this is true but I did read in a pig book that you should only give cooked potatoes to pigs not raw. Can’t remember why?
    I love watching my pigs eat. I have found they are usually not picky with what they put in their mouths, but like small children LOVE cake, cookies and anything sweet. They also will literally pick out green beans and celery and toss it aside.
    Continue to have great fun with them.
    Will yours stay that small? The next round of pigs I would like to get are Duroc. They are reddish brown like yours.
    Anyway, happy pig farming!!!

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