Eggs in a month-ish?

From what I’ve read, I should expect eggs at anywhere from 20 – 26 weeks, which means I won’t see eggs until about Jan. 2oth (the hens are currently 15 weeks old).

The three ducks from the original shipment (1 rouen and 2 khaki campbells) are already 24 weeks old.  The other three rouens, including the drake (not that he’ll be laying anything) are 18 weeks old.  I’ve read domestic ducks usually start laying at around 20 weeks if the light is sufficient when they reach that age.  Being a mere 6 days from the winter solstice, I’m going to go with a no on that one.

Can you tell I’m getting a bit anxious (and hungry)?


3 responses to “Eggs in a month-ish?

  1. You guys should seriously open a little side business, or at least do the City Market in the spring/summer. Cage free eggs and apple cider – YUM!

  2. Hi,

    The ducks will most likely start laying late feb/early march if you don’t add extra light to them, your khaki’s will be good little egg layers, but the rouens will be slower to lay and will lay for less time, or at least that is the normally around here and from the folks I have talked with, we are coming into our sixth year of raising the ducks and love them.

    The hens will indeed start between 20 to 26 weeks of age, again if you are adding light, it will make a difference on how soon they start, as will the breed, the bigger the bird will finish out, the later they tend to start laying.

    I don’t know if you make homemade pasta or not but the pullet eggs are perfect rato for a ton of pasta making as you have more yolk then white.


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