A visit from the Extension Agent

My husband did an incredibly responsible thing – he scheduled a visit with our local extension agent to make sure everything looked okay around the farm.  Here’s a brief run down.

The good news is everyone looks healthy.  The not so good news is that we may not have enough pasture to support 5 ewes and their lambs.  The d’uh news is that the reason the sheep haven’t been eating much hay is that the stuff we bought turns out to be loaded with something called foxtail, which they don’t like.  Also, it’s invasive.  Awesome.  The bad news is that it turns out that our pasture has the “wrong kind of grass” so it looks like we’ll be attempting to pull up wire grass (we were told to RoundUp and put the sheep somewhere else, but we don’t have a somewhere else, nor am I excited about the prospects of using RoundUp) and seed for things like clover.  We also need to get our pH checked, so we are now equipped with soil samples.

The pigs look great.  The aggression we were worried about is really considered playfulness (think dogs).  Also a plus, we’ve probably been feeding them too much so we can cut back a bit, which will help expenses.  The pasture over winter, woods by summer plans was met with approval as well.

The birds look healthy.  She was a bit skeptical about our plans to breed without an incubator.  Also, mid conversation, while hanging out with our New Hampshire Red rooster in the yard, a loud cock-a-doodle-do  came from inside the coop.  Turns out our mystery chick is a dude, which probably means he’ll be dinner sometime soon so as not to have two fighting cocks.  If they can keep it civil until we move the New Hampshires down to the lower coop for baby-making this April, he may get a stay of execution.  That being said, his penchant for crowing at 3 AM and waking up the toddler doesn’t bode well for his longevity.

She’d never heard of ducks that don’t swim.  The fact that my most common search phrase for this blog is “ducks won’t swim” begs to differ.

Overall, it was a good visit.  It’s comforting to hear that all your animals looks healthy from someone who actually knows what she’s talking about.


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