That’s the rounded version of how much we’ve spent in farm expenses thus far.  I should clarify and say that’s the amount of receipts we kept stuffed in a drawer, which I’ve now keyed into a spreadsheet because I’m type A like that.  And I want our accountant to like me.

Infrastructure: Over $10,000 was spent on things like fencing/electric fencing, building materials for animal housing (wood, roofing, paint), start-up gear (hay feeder, waterers, brooding lamps), and other various tools.  While this has been a boon to our credit card company, I take comfort in the fact that these are largely start-up costs.  Sure, we’ll need another shovel or another coat of paint, but it should be years before we build another pig house.

Feed comes in at No. 2, which is to be expected given we’re using organic grain.  We’re paying at least twice what conventional feed costs, but that’s our choice.

As for animals, the hope is that this cost will come down for 2011 as well.  We may order some turkeys and some additional geese, but next year’s sheep, pigs and chickens should all be born here on the farm.  Of course, if we add any new animals (rabbits or bees), that will also incur additional infrastructure costs.

Misc. Operations includes everything from straw for animal bedding to work pants for Will to chainsaw fuel.  These are expenses we’re likely to continue to incur, but that we wouldn’t have experienced back in our city house.

The apple trees are all the plant expenses so far.  This is going to get much higher as we order seeds for the spring.  And blueberry bushes.

We’ve been lucky with vet bills so far, and we’ve clearly failed to keep our gas receipts, but overall I’m not too surprised by the numbers.  It felt like we were building a farm in 2010 vs. actually farming.  But you can see what I mean when I say the mere pint of raspberries and 4 dozen duck eggs were rather expensive undertakings.


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