Wherein I admit to eating a rodent

Some of Will’s wine buddies are also hobby hunters, one of whom owns a ranch out in CO.  As part of managing the land, he also has to manage the elk population, which means he comes back to VA with coolers full of elk meat.  So the guys all decided to have a wild game night, as a means of getting to taste an elk steak.

Unfortunately, this coincided with Will’s mild flu/major cold this past weekend (he was so disappointed you’d think they’d canceled Christmas), making it so his contribution to said dinner became our Monday night meal (sorry, Meatless Mondays).  And that meal was squirrel.

I know, I was even more hesitant than you.  But then I realized I can’t really remember that last time Will cooked a meal that wasn’t amazing, so I had to give it a go.  So here it is, braised squirrel in mustard cream sauce, served over french lentils and boiled potatoes.

The sauce gets most of the credit, but I have to admit the meat was quiet flavorful… like rabbit but a bit more game-y (in a good way), and surprisingly tender.  The downside is that the meat to bone ratio is a bit like eating wild quail, i.e. you spend more time finding the prize than eating it.  Even Alston cleaned his plate.

I guess this means I’m officially country, as I would definitely eat tree rat again.


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