Coq au Vin

Will’s been making Julia Child’s coq au vin recipe for years, but always with broilers (quick tangent – many people today don’t know the difference between a broiler, a fryer and a stewing hen, knowledge we’ve lost in the past 50 years since the supermarkefication of our food supply.  Broilers are the youngest you’d eat a chicken, which can be as early as 8 weeks with today’s hybrids.  Tangent now over).  This time, we actually used one of our roosters (mystery chick, not our New Hampshire Red) and the difference was amazing!

The whole point of the technique is to cook down the tougher meat of an older bird, so I shouldn’t be so surprised, but for a dish that I already found to be perfect, this was a culinary example of why we took on this whole farming venture… because you’re not suppose to use Cornish cross-, fatten up in half the time of traditional breeds-, Americans only ever eat broilers- chickens for everything.  Not just because it’s unnatural, but because you can do delicious and interesting things with variety, the way our traditional, pre-giant refrigerator food culture understands.  The very people who invented coq au vin in the first place.

So here’s a little photo montage of the entire creation.  Be jealous of the mad skills of my awesome husband…

And then to really put things over the top, serve after finishing on an open fire while pressing cider (more on the cider pressing in a future post)…


2 responses to “Coq au Vin

  1. you guys processing your own birds too? i saw a really funny spread in a homesteading magazine of a bunch of kids pulling off feathers of just slaughtered chickens- fun for the whole family!!!

    • At the moment, Will is “processing” the chickens himself, although I have a feeling I’ll have to join in when we start doing more than one at a time.

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