Egg Washing

Now that we’re in full production mode in terms of eggs, washing them has become the latest addition to the daily farm chores.

Right now I’m using the same brush to de-poop the eggs that normally de-greases the cast irons… I need to remedy that pronto.


6 responses to “Egg Washing

  1. YUM. The eggs look great! It must be so rewarding to have a tangible result from all of the hard work you guys have been doing.

  2. I am dirty and don’t wash my eggs until just before I use them. Am I going to hell?

    • Naw, I mostly wash mine because they are going to the restaurant nowadays. Although I’d be happy to add it to the list if you’d like ; )

  3. Hey, aren’t those Starrhill berries in your gravitar?

    • Actually, they are the few berries we got from the canes we planted last summer. (Whole Foods had a plant sale and I couldn’t resist.) But I do miss the Starr Hill terroir.

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