Big Bertha Update

The good news is that Big Bertha appears to be doing quite well.  Her limp is almost healed and she’s able to keep up with the rest of the herd.  Unfortunately, she still appears to be blind. So I guess I have a Special Needs Sheep now.  Hmmm.

We never did need those antibiotics, in case anyone was keeping tabs.  It may have been an unnecessary risk we took by skipping them initially, but we got a pass this time.

Big Bertha used to be the alpha sheep, but now the one we’ve taken to calling Mangy seems to have assumed the leadership position (her wool is all patchy, likely from excessive rubbing up against trees to scratch).  She’s the first to the feed bucket, the first to venture out of the woods, the first to walk up to the watering tub near the house.  I’m just glad they are looking out for their differently-abled sister.


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