Farm Shoes

I assumed that moving to a farm would help me downgrade my shopping habits.  After all, what use would I have for another J. Crew blazer?  Largely, this assessment has been true with one major exception – shoes.

Because 80% of our land is either covered in poop (thanks sheep, pigs, ducks  and dogs) or mud (hello, garden), my footwear is now categorized as farm shoes vs. not farm shoes.  This is leading to some duplication.  For example, in the rains of the past few days I slipped on my Hunter boots on my way to work.  Once I got in the car, I was overcome by the stink of pig shit and doubled back to the house for more office-friendly attire.  So now I’m contemplating a pair of non-farm wellies.  Will keeps a pair of farm shoes by all of our exterior doors, so every attempt to do a chore isn’t preceded by a ten minute search for boots.  Even the toddler has school shoes vs. yard shoes to keep the poop factor at bay.

Largely we’ve been able to repurpose old shoes or pairs we never liked anyhow (what else do you do with Danskos where the heel is completely worn down?), but some purchases have been required; 3 wellies (2 for Will, 1 for Alston), 3 boots (2 for Will, 1 for me), and two pairs of play shoes for Alston (high tops for spring mud, and crocs for warmer weather – they are just so easy to hose off).  Add to these the two pairs of repurposed clogs and we now own 10 pairs of shoes we will never wear off the property.  I know each pair has a purpose, but my mudroom is getting out of control.

And now, when I’m tempted to buy non-farm shoes my first thought is “I will be so pissed if these get shit on them!”


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