Rain Recovery

We’ve had over three inches of rain in the past week, which has quite an impact on the farm.

The pond has swollen over its boundaries, creating a small stream through the middle of what will be our garden.  As you can see, Alston rather enjoyed this development.  Unfortunately, that means it will be at least another week before anyone can attempt to plow.  The upside is that the weather brought out a pair of wood ducks and a pair of hooded merganser ducks, so now I guess we’re ornithologists.

While we’re waiting for the lower yard to dry up, we have plenty of other post rain work to tackle.  Between the water running down the hill and the saturation of the ground, the floor of the chicken coop is soaked, so all their hay needs to be replaced.  While we’re at it, the ducks and pigs could use fresh hay as well.  Poor Barney’s house was never completed last weekend because of the weather, so he rode out the storm in what barely qualifies for a lean-to, the poor boar.  And then there’s the normal home owner post thunderstorm chores, like clearing the fallen branches and checking on the gutters.

Also, the guy is coming to sheer the sheep tomorrow.  And Will’s attending a seminar on growing produce.  It’s going to be a busy weekend.  Busy and muddy.


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