Guineas again? Not so much

We’re down to 12 guineas from the original 30.  The last few casualties could have been raccoon or our not-dog Lady.  We don’t know if her owners have been feeding her since she was banished from our yard, and we’ve caught her chasing the guineas before.  We’ve started feeding her again as we don’t have the guts to have a sit down with her owners or the stones to call in some sort of authority.  So maybe as long as she’s fed she won’t be tempted to snack on our exotic fowl.  Or it really was a raccoon.

The good news is these stupid birds have finally taken to roosting in the trees in the fenced pasture, so now they have Scout the Great Pyrenees to protect them from raccoons, and foxes (and fencing to protect them from Lady).  The bad news is that the noise level of these birds is completely out of control.  At dusk, they squawk and shriek their little faces off.  Between the smell of the pigs and the noise of these banshee, our neighbors must hate us.

Unless I don’t find a single tick all summer, we won’t be doing guineas again.


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