Building up the berry orchard

Last weekend we headed to Edible Landscaping to pick out some blueberry bushes for the front yard.  While I was a bit underwhelmed by the staff’s ability to help me pick out the ideal plants for our farm (question: what does well organic?  answer: everything we’ve got.  question: what do you recommend for our zone?  answer: everything we’ve got. etc. etc. etc.), the selection there really is incredible.

We picked up 3 O’Neals and 3 Tifblues, so we now have 6 blueberry bushes that should do well in the quasi-south that is Virginia (when it comes to zone hardiness – it’s all South when it comes to mentality).   We also purchased 2 Arapaho blackberries, which may be the same variety I bought a pair of last July from Whole Foods (never underestimate their garden center – they have great sales).

It was too early for planting raspberries, but we’ll pick up 2 more of those in another month or so, to go along with our 2 Carolines from last July.  We still need to find a good location for our strawberry patch before I can buy the Virginia Native Strawberry I’m eyeing.

Since we didn’t own any house plants, I also indulged in a Novak Super Dwarf banana tree and  Sweet Bay Laurel.  Who knows if I’ll ever harvest a single banana, but at least this way I can pretend my decorative plants serve a greater purpose.


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