New URL, New Look

I have exciting news!  Home Growed has grown up and is now Red Row Farm.  If you following our misadventures via an RSS Reader, post in the link and you should be all set.


2 responses to “New URL, New Look

  1. wierd question but I was reading your blog and picked up on the mention of paint fumes. I’ve also just been exposed for about an hour to strong solvent based paint fumes. I’m seven weeks pregnant so it’s a critical time. Can you remember when it happened to you? was it first trimester?
    it would be nice to hear about it because I’m totally freaking.

    • I was probably about 7 weeks along when I wrote my post as well, maybe as much as 9. So thing one, don’t freak out. I’m no doctor or anything but a one time exposure shouldn’t be an issue. Go outside, breathe some fresh air, and try and get someone else to finish up the solvent fun. My kid turned out fine, which is, like, the world’s smallest sample size and probably doesn’t mean anything, but I still wouldn’t panic. Think of it this way – a lot of people don’t know they’re pregnant yet by 7 weeks, accidentally being exposed to host of stuff on the no-no list and I can’t think of a single example of a friend who’s “what do you mean I’m pregnant” surprise pregnant resulted in a babe that was any less healthy than those who had mom’s doing pregnancy by the books from day one. I’d still avoid taking up a furniture refinishing habit for the next 33 weeks, but I’m sure your babe is a-okay.

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