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Harvest: Raspberries

The only things we’ve actually planted so far are 2 raspberry bushes, 2 blackberry bushes and a brown turkey fig tree.  We hadn’t planned on planting anything this early on, but Whole Foods had a sale on organic fruit plants and I cleaned them out.

I have no idea what varieties of berries I purchased, but I do know that I must have the type of raspberries that fruit twice a season (heavy in June and lighter in late summer), as Alston and I have been collecting at least a small handful every other evening for the past week or so.

I can’t say enough about how great this is.  The berries are perfect, Alston loves picking the fruit (although he always gets a bit too enthusiastic and once he’s raided all the deep red berries he starts plucking the pink ones), and come next year when too many are ripe at once to eat, I’ll be able to make jam.  There are few things more delightful than raspberry jam.